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Product specification and picture
Varsha Big
Area (Sft) :   0.190
Dimension (mm) :   95 x 190
Available Thickness :   12 - 15 mm
Varsh Small
Area (Sft) :   0.10
Dimension (mm) :   95 x 95
Available Thickness :   12 - 15 mm
Area (Sft) :   0.30
Dimension (mm) :   95 x 295
Available Thickness :   12 - 15 mm
Area (Sft) :   0.22
Dimension (mm) :   70 x 295
Available Thickness :   12 - 15 mm
Area (Sft) :   0.17
Dimension (mm) :   72 x 220
Available Thickness :   12 - 15mm
Ledge Stone
Area (Sft) :   0.36
Dimension (mm) :   72 x 220
Available Thickness :   12-15 mm
Advantages of Landscaping Tiles
• Plaster the surface to be tiled with mortar in a cement sand ratio of 1:3
• Prepare a mixture of cement, sand and water to form a thick paste and spread it on the backside of the tile after wetting the   tile with sponge.
• Instructions from point 5 to 10 given for floor tiles should be followed.
• Consolidated Ground:- Pavers are too be laid to lines and gentles slope on a previously consolidated ground. Spread earth   evenly to the area and prepare the ground for wet rolling. Repeated rolling and consolidating to the required strength is an   absolute necessity for proper laying and future stability of the paved area.
• Consolidate the floor with wet sand for minimum 50mm thickness and compact by using plate compactor / vibrators
• Keep the sand with minimum moisture content .
• Do not use sand, which is 100% dry.
• Do not spread the sand for larger areas as it will dry out and will reduce the quality of laying.
• Lay the interlocking paver in compacted sand floor and tap gentle with a rubber mallet to get perfect joints and to   predetermined slopes.
• Spread sand on laid area to fill the joint /gaps and rum the vibrating plate compactor gently with a layer of soft material   between paver surface and vibrating plate to get the perfect level . Construct kerbs all around the laid area to prevent   movement of pavers.
• It is recommended to provide the slopes of 40:1 preferably to the adjacent sides.
Application of Landscaping Wall tiles :
Wall cladding, elevation, boundary walls, corridors, passage walls, staircase walls and all other exterior and interior walls to increase its aesthetic value.
UV stabilized importedpigments
Premium quality white cementRich concrete mix
As per IS 1237 – 1980 standardsPackaged in high quality carton boxes
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